Sunita pours her heart out to Shelley about Dev's possible cancer. With Fred away in Brighton, Shelley's short-staffed. In desperation she agrees to take Leanne on behind the bar. Leanne's delighted. Dev finally tells Maya about his test results. He's relieved when Maya asserts she still wants to marry him and will stick by him whatever the outcome. Fred returns from Brighton bringing Liz with him. He's promised her a bar job and a room in the Rovers. He sacks Leanne and Shelley's livid. Rita offers Leanne a job in The Kabin covering for Norris' holiday. Leanne accepts. Sunita admits to Maya she already knew about Dev's illness. Rita gets Charlie to take a look at the stockroom. She's relieved to discover that the "ghost" is nothing more than damp causing the shelves to bulge. Jack's fed-up with the exercise bike and persuades Tyrone to do some pedalling for him in exchange for payment. Karen's furious to find Liz behind the Rovers' bar. Liz enjoys telling her that she's back for good. Dev's shocked to find a note from Maya saying she can't hack it after all. Upset Dev confides in Sunita that Maya's gone. Sunita comforts him, promising she'll always be there for him.


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  • Due to coverage of the US Grand Prix this episode was transmitted at 8.00pm and because of the Euro 2004 football championships, no episode was broadcast on Friday 18th June 2004.
  • TV Times synopsis: Sunita urges Dev to tell Maya the truth; Fred overrules Shelley's staffing solution; and Rita and Norris discover the cause of the ghostly presence at The Kabin.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,020,000 viewers (7th place).
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