Shelley and Charlie are in a good mood after a night of passion. Roy tells Hayley he'll have a surprise for her later on. Dev finds out that not all his medical results had come through and he has to go to the doctors for the remainder. Vera buys Jack a pair of cycling shorts and explains her exercise bike plan to Jack. She wants him to ride the equivalent distance to Cleethorpes (where they had their honeymoon) and back. Both Tracy and Roy receive their decrees absolute and they're now divorced. Dev tells Maya that all was fine with the tests, aside from him being slightly anaemic, but he isn't telling her the truth. Norris arranges a seance in The Kabin to exorcise the ghost of Vera Lomax. He enlists the help of Rita, Betty and Blanche. Dev confides in Sunita that he has suspected bowel cancer. She comforts him and he confesses that he's not told Maya. Under pressure Jack agrees to try the exercise bike. Hayley's delighted when Roy surprises her with a candlelit dinner to celebrate his divorce from Tracy. Fred is annoyed that Charlie seems to have his feet under the table at the Rovers. He tells Shelley that he's attending a Newton & Ridley function in Brighton, and expects the staffing situation to be sorted by the time he gets back. The seance takes place, the candles flicker and a box leaps off the top shelf. Norris runs from the room and even sceptical Rita is unnerved. Dev tries to find the right moment to tell Maya about his possible illness, but is thwarted by her happy news that she's in the running for a new job. Alone in the corner shop, the true gravity of Dev's news sinks in and Sunita collapses in floods of tears.


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  • Due to coverage of the Euro 2004 football championships this episode was transmitted at 10.00pm and no episode was broadcast on Friday 18th June 2004.
  • TV Times synopsis: Dev's celebration over his health test proves to be premature; Betty warns Shelley to take things a little more slowly with Charlie; Jack is less than enthusiastic about Vera's plans to get him into shape; and Norris decides to conduct a séance at the Kabin.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 7,670,000 viewers (14th place).
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