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As Bev explains to Shelley that she slept with Charlie, Shelley is disbelieving. Shelley asks Charlie for his version of events and he categorically denies it. Leanne calls in the salon and gets her hair done by Maria. She unwittingly tells Leanne all about Nick's ex-wife, calling her a common tart. Steve apologises to Eileen for not telling her about the house sale. Eileen's dejected but forgives him. Norris, Blanche, Emily and Rita play dominoes. Norris is intrigued to hear that Vera Lomax died in the Mission Hall on the site of The Kabin's stockroom. He's convinced it's Vera Lomax's ghost that's trying to contact him. Rita despairs. Maria buys Leanne a drink, unaware she's Nick's ex. When Nick turns up he's horrified to find Leanne there. A fight breaks out between Leanne and Maria. Vitriolic Leanne accuses Nick of forcing her to have an abortion and throws her drink all over him. Having had time to consider, Shelley tells Bev that she doesn't believe a word she says and that she believes Charlie. Shelley throws Bev out telling her to pack her bags. Bev's devastated.


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Norris Cole: "It stands to reason out of the two of us, it would be me they'd try and get through to. Any ghost would take one look at you and wouldn't bother. No, you've a very closed mind, Rita - your aura is definitely hostile."

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