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Leanne's spent the night on Les's sofa and is bemused to find Kirk and Chesney in the house when she wakes up. Les explains that they live there too. Sunita invites Shelley to the opening night of a new restaurant. Shelley agrees to go and promises to cancel her date with Charlie. Martin arranges to take David on a fishing trip to Wales. Janice is delighted to see Leanne back in Weatherfield and offers her a bed in her flat rather than at Les's house. Leanne gratefully accepts. Shelley tells Charlie that she's going out with Sunita tonight instead of him. Charlie's fed up, insisting that she goes out with him or they're finished. Todd calls at No.8 to deliver a birthday present to Bethany but Sarah tells him to keep it, asserting that he's never to come near her or Bethany ever again. Charlie's gutted to find that Shelley's stuck to her word and gone out with Sunita. He and Bev proceed to get drunk together and Bev asks him to stay behind. The factory girls are intrigued to find out that Frankie is Danny's wife. Shelley goes back to Sunita's flat for a coffee, meanwhile Bev leads Charlie upstairs at the Rovers.


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