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Gail's worried when Sarah refuses to get up and attend baby Billy's funeral. Frankie's still suspicious about Sunita but Danny reminds her that she slept with Vinny, his best friend and boss. She decides to let it go. Eileen suggests that Todd should visit the grave later when the Platts have gone to avoid a scene. Janice and Les take Chesney out for the day but he's travel sick so they return home. Les tries it on with Janice and asks her to move in. Janice chokes on a chip. Sunita and Bev are shocked to find out that Danny has a wife. Deirdre and Ken are less than pleased to find out Tracy's back and is moving back in with them because Blanche has rented No.7 out. Hayley talks to Sarah and compares Billy's death to Princess Diana's. Sarah feels comforted and to Gail's relief she agrees to attend the funeral. Frankie calls to see Danny in the factory where the girls wonder who she is. Danny says if she wants to make another go of it then she and the kids have to move up to Weatherfield. Everyone watches in silence as the funeral cortege leaves No.8.


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