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Sally gives Rita the leaflets advertising the garage and asks her to enclose one with each newspaper. She then asks Audrey to find out where Archie gets his hearses serviced. Neither women can believe Sally's insensitivity. Katy finds out from Martin that he beat up Karl. She offers to try and persuade Karl not to press charges but Martin tells her to keep out of it. Tommy's fed up with Sally's interference and mocks the name "Websters' Auto Centre". Shelley's shocked when gleeful Sunita confesses to having slept with Danny on the first date. Tommy and Tyrone refuse to do a 24-hour call-out unless they're paid extra. Sally tells Kevin he'll have to do it to save them paying out wages. Sunita's delighted when Danny invites her out again. She suggests they have a night in and promises to bring a pizza. Maria feels sorry for Todd and tells Eileen when the baby's funeral is. Katy, desperate to make amends, tells Martin that she's had a word with Karl who's promised to forget what happened. Martin tells her it's too late as he's been suspended from his job. Tracy arrives back from Portsmouth and is put out to find Danny in her house. As he tries to explain that he's renting it from Blanche, Danny's shocked when his wife Frankie arrives. Frankie assumes that Tracy is his bit on the side. When Sunita arrives with pizzas, Danny thrusts £20 at her and pretends that she's the pizza delivery girl. Sunita's furious whilst Tracy finds the whole thing very funny.


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