Tommy's delighted to have Katy back home and fusses round her. Deirdre and Blanche see Tracy off to Portsmouth. Mike's nephew, Danny Baldwin arrives on the Street. Mike signs over half of Underworld to Danny and introduces him to the girls as their new boss. Sarah goes back to work at the café. Todd orders a breakfast but is embarrassed when Vera refuses to serve him. The factory girls fancy Danny and they instantly warm to him. He nicknames Janice "Lippy" and Karen "Bolshie". Danny gets the girls to work at double the speed as he's promised a client they would finish his order that afternoon. Fiz gets a visit from social worker Viv Wright. Fiz impresses her with the rotas she's drawn up for collecting Chesney from school. However, it all goes wrong when Chesney arrives back from school saying that it's half-term and school is shut. Danny reverses his car into Les' taxi. Les threatens him and Danny punches Les. Feeling guilty, Danny then takes him for a drink at the Rovers. Katy pleads with Martin to take her back but Martin won't be swayed. Sarah doubles over in pain in the café. Roy declares they must get her to hospital.


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Fiz Brown: "Excuse me, Mr Baldwin. Well if she's Lippy and she's Bolshie and she's tea lady and she's biscuit monitor, who am I?"
Danny Baldwin: "Well you, my darling, are obviously the ex-catwalk model who fell on hard times, did a spell as a lap dancer but then got yourself a proper job. The other girls pretend to like you but behind your back they bitch about you something rotten, and that is because of their jealousy of your stunning good looks."
Fiz Brown: "Yeah, that's me!"

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