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Fred's delighted when Orchid turns up. Ashley apologises to her and Fred's pleased. Sarah returns home to Gail and sobbing, tells Gail what's happened. Gail tries to comfort her but is horrified to learn that Eileen already knew. Sarah's inconsolable and tries to stop Gail from storming round to see Eileen but she's determined. Todd turns up at Eileen's and pours his heart out. Harry tells Ashley and Claire that Orchid is really a seller on Levenshulme Market. Fred proposes to Orchid who accepts - Fred's delighted. Gail marches round to Eileen's and bangs on the door. Todd's distraught. Sally's determined that Rosie's going to Oakhill School and knowing it'll be expensive declares she's going to take a look at the garage books. Gail and Eileen have a slanging match on the street which results in a fight. Todd has to pull them apart. Jason walks up and is shocked to find out that Todd is gay.


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Gail Platt (upon seeing Jason Grimshaw in a builder's outfit after her fight with his mother, Eileen): "Oh here's the other one... the rest of the Village People!"

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