As Todd's news that he's gay sinks in, Sarah's in a state of shock. Todd confesses to his affair with Karl and Sarah becomes angry. Fred's worried that Ashley has upset Orchid Pattaya. Emily's impressed when Norris talks to Chesney's dog, Schmeichel over the wall and manages to quieten him down. Sally tells Rita how she dreamt that Rosie was the youngest person from Weatherfield to attend Oxford University. Sally decides that Rosie is going to private school to fulfil her potential and she gets the literature on Oakhill School but Kevin's opposed to the idea. Dennis Stokes persuades Fred that he should buy Orchid some expensive jewellery. Harry becomes suspicious. Dennis and Orchid gloat over how they're taking Fred for a ride and Harry overhears. Sarah packs her things and leaves with Bethany. Todd breaks down and sobs his heart out.


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Norris Cole (to Schmeichel): "Who's a baby boy? Now, if you're a quiet, pupplylacious boy we'll make you captain of the quiet puppy club. We will, we will, we will, yes!"


Rita Sullivan: "Well don't take this the wrong way, Sally, but I always think there's something a bit distasteful about child prodigy."
Sally Webster: "Oh I know Rita, but you see, once you've given birth to one it really gives you a different slant!"

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