Ashley tells Fred that Orchid Pattaya is after his money. Fred is off his food and Claire thinks he may be in love. Betty and Harry think that Shelley has stayed the night with Charlie. They try to cover up for her but Ciaran tells Bev who says she couldn't care less. Charlie offers to make toast for Shelley. They decide to spend the day together. Martin wants a private word with Todd. Gail and Sarah leave them to chat. Ashley is worried that Fred may propose to Orchid as he has done it many times before. Martin tells Todd that he is willing to help with the baby financially. Todd is relieved that is all he wants to talk about. Fred meets Dennis Stokes and is distraught about Orchid. Dennis suggests giving her money to send to her family in Thailand. A fee of £5,000 is agreed. Sarah scolds Todd for not taking Martin's money but then understands why. Fred goes to the butcher's shop to pick up his cheque book. This duly worries Ashley. Fred says it has nothing to do with him. Tim Marsden arrives at the salon with his "Tropical Sunrise" that he had agreed to sell. He tells Candice that he is sorry and that his marriage is over. He says that the hardest part is losing Candice. Claire tells Fred that she is worried about him too. Todd tells Jason that he has been to antenatal class with Sarah. Jason says that Todd's life is now over. Todd says this is what he wants. Candice pours a bottle of Tim's shampoo over him. Ciaran and Harry question Fred about Orchid. Ciaran suggests that Fred may have bought her off the internet. Fred is not happy about this. Shelley tries to talk to Bev but she is not really interested. Audrey tells Candice that she was proud of her. Candice announces that she is only going to go for decent blokes from now on. Fred gives Orchid a cheque for £5,000 but she gives it him back. Karl wants to go for a drink with Todd after work, Todd refuses. Charlie and Shelley go for a drink and talk about Bev and her date. After being pushed, Orchid now accepts the money from Fred.


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Fred Elliott: "On a scale of one to ten, how daft do you think I am?"
Claire Casey: "On a normal day, I'd say about three... but when there's a lady involved it goes up to seven, sometimes even eight."

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