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Shelley reminds Bev that she is going out on a date with Charlie tonight. Bev becomes slightly cautious but Shelley thinks that she is just being over-protective. Ashley catches Fred eating a full English breakfast and asks whether his fitness drive is over or not. Ashley is worried but Fred explains that he can't change who he is. Claire, Fiz and Candice are getting ready to go out but Claire is more concerned with sorting out domestic tasks and decides that there should be a draw to see who does what. Candice draws washing-up and tries to get out of it but can't. Sophie is plotting with Rosie to stop Sally going swimming with her and Rosie doesn't want her to go to parents' evening either. They ask Kevin to help but he says that she is only doing it because she cares. Ashley tells Claire that he suspects that something is seriously wrong with Fred and this upsets Claire. Shelley books an appointment at the salon. Audrey is happy that love is in the air and then asks Candice about Tim Marsden. Maria wishes she could make her see sense about him. Betty questions Fred over his fitness and asks if he has given up looking for a young lady. Fred storms out of the Rovers. Rosie buys Kevin a bacon barm but Kevin realises that she is trying to bribe him into not going to parents' evening. Harry catches up with Fred and Fred pulls out a photo of Orchid Pattaya. He says he is meeting her tonight and this is why he has been trying to keep fit. Harry tells Fred that he's a good man and that everything will be fine. Candice, Audrey and Maria question Shelley about her date and Blanche loses patience with them all at the salon. Audrey then has an idea about Tim. Ashley is still worried about Fred, who is now showered and wearing his suit, and thinks that he is ill. Fred says not to worry. Charlie tries to get Jason to tell Shelley why he can't make the date. Audrey has info on Tim and Blanche claims that Charlie is only after one thing with Shelley. Tim arrives at Candice's flat. He says that he is not seeing anybody else but is instead working hard for their future. Shelley is beginning to feel stood up by Charlie. She explains to Sunita that she is in two minds about Charlie. Sunita reassures her. At the airport, Dennis and Orchid discuss their plans for Fred. Fred arrives and meets Orchid for the first time.


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Dennis Stokes (about Fred Elliott): "'So he's not Brad Pitt. But that belly costs real money, I can tell you."

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