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A furious Claire returns from Ashley's house to find Fiz and Kirk emerging from her bedroom and the flat in a complete tip. Todd guiltily breaks down in tears as Sarah asks if she has upset him. He assures her that he is just overwhelmed and confused. Sarah comforts him. Dennis Stokes and Stacy plan her first meeting with Fred as "Orchid Pattaya". Candice and Fiz are delighted to come home to a clean flat but that soon changes to fury as they realise that Claire has dumped all the dirty dishes and rubbish in their beds. A row blazes and erupts between them resulting in Claire threatening to leave if they don't change their ways. Karl sadly tells Katy that it is all over between him and Todd as he chooses Sarah over him. Dennis shows Fred photos of the women that have replied to his advertisement on the internet. He is delighted and instantly falls for Orchid. Dennis wangles a cheque from Fred for £1,000 to arrange a return ticket for Orchid. Shelley and Charlie flirt in the Rovers much to the interest of other punters. They plan to go for a meal tomorrow night. A desperate Todd avoids Sarah and hides out at Eileen's house. He wants her to decide what he should do but she knows he needs to make that decision himself. Betty overhears a telephone conversation between Charlie and Bev. Charlie asks Bev to pass on a message to Shelley cancelling their date and his apologies. Janice assures Fiz that her night with Les was a one-off. Shelley excitedly tells Sunita about her date with Charlie. Bev guiltily looks on but does not pass on the message. Claire attempts to reassure Ashley that Fred is just trying to get fit and is not ill but he is still not convinced. Dennis tells Fred at the Rovers that it is all arranged and Orchid will be arriving from Thailand tomorrow evening. Betty thinks it is ridiculous but Fred is too excited to care.


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