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Chesney settles in at No.5. Nick calls in at the salon with Maria's birthday present. She attempts to hide her disappointment at the cheap necklace. They begin to worry that not enough invitations to the party have gone out. Vera and Jack argue about having cauliflower cheese for dinner and Jack makes a quick getaway to the Rovers for a hotpot. Mike gives the factory girls their jobs back and asks them to come in and quickly finish off an order for time and a half. He brings forward the ready date for the factory yet again for Charlie, who promises it will be complete. Maria is not impressed with her party as not many people turn up and those that do include Jack, Audrey and Martin. Karl gets drunk and spends the evening teasing Todd. As Todd ignores him and concentrates his attention on Sarah, Karl gets increasingly jealous. Candice sleeps with Tim Marsden who then abruptly leaves. Jack is happy on the karaoke until Vera turns up shouting about his dinner but she ends up joining in the singing. Ashley calls Claire "Max" by mistake resulting in an argument. After shedding some tears she forgives him but doesn't want him to stay the night. Janice and Les celebrate their divorce being final. Janice is proud of him for taking care of Chesney. Steve decides to sell Eileen's house to pay off their debts. Nick proposes to Maria, she is delighted and says yes. As the guests leave the party, Karl leads Katy to believe that Todd is the man in question.


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