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Sally's mortified at what she's done. She tries to apologise but Rosie slams out of the house. Pouring her heart out to Craig, Rosie's devastated when he finishes with her saying that he snogged another girl called Lisa. To cheer Chesney up, Les arranges with Jack for Schmeichel the puppy to come and live with them. Kevin makes Sally see how selfish she's been. Sally insists that she only wanted the best for Rosie as she doesn't want her to end up stuck in a back street terrace. Chesney's delighted to see Schmeichel again. Fiz worries about what Tyrone will say. Nervous Ashley goes for tea at Claire's mum's house. Yvonne Casey gets him drunk on purpose and then quizzes him closely about Maxine and his feelings towards Claire. Ashley leaves upset. Claire's mortified. Sally and Rosie have a heart-to-heart and iron out their differences. Todd, Sarah, Nick, Candice and Maria go for a pizza. Todd's shocked but excited when Karl unexpectedly turns up with Katy. Fiz goes round to Ronnie's house and catches Cilla walking back with Ronnie. She threatens to tell Les but Cilla points out that if she does that, Chesney will end up back in care.


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