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Chesney overhears Cilla making a date with "uncle Ronnie". Cilla threatens him that if he blabs to Les he'll end up back in care. Cilla lies to Les saying that she's going to spend a few days with a girlfriend, Sandra Hudson. Claire tells Ashley they're having tea at her mum's. Ashley's nervous. Sally gets Rosie, dressed as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz to perform "Over the Rainbow" for her and Kevin. Kevin is surprised at how good she is. Fiz spots Chesney on the street looking upset when he should be at school. Todd calls round to see Karl at the nurses home. He admits that he can't face coming clean with Sarah although it's Karl he really wants. Todd's ashamed on realising that he's prepared to lead a double life. Fiz discovers Chesney in her flat. He explains that Cilla had a copy of Kirk's key made "for emergencies". Fiz is suspicious. Chesney pours his heart out to Fiz. He thinks nobody wants him, especially Cilla and explains how she's seeing Ronnie again and has threatened to put him back in a home. Fiz hugs her inconsolable brother and promises him that she won't let that happen. Sally and Kevin take Rosie to her drama school audition. To Sally's fury, Rosie refuses to go through with it, accusing her mum of trying to live her life through her. Incensed, Sally slaps Rosie hard.


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