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Todd's mortified at what he's done. Karl tries to reassure him but Todd's totally confused. Sally bans Rosie from seeing Craig, insisting that she concentrates on her forthcoming audition. Les receives a letter from his solicitor saying that his decree absolute has come through and his divorce will be finalised on 9th May. Todd collects Sarah from the hospital to take her home. Sarah's feeling optimistic about the baby and their future. Todd's feeling the pressure and can't bring himself to tell her the truth, that he's gay. Sally starts trying to drum up sponsorship for Rosie's drama school fees. Ken's gobsmacked when Sally insists he writes an article in the Gazette to help raise the funds. Craig's relieved to find out that Rosie didn't stand him up. He takes her back to No.6 as he knows his parents are out. Jack gives Chesney £2 to walk Schmeichel. Cilla's furious and takes the dog straight back. Eileen's gutted when Todd asserts that he's staying with Sarah and the baby. She knows her son is living a lie but has to accept it. Audrey gives Mike a piece of her mind over the way he's treated Fred. Mike tries again to apologise to Fred but he isn't having any of it. Sally is furious when she sees Rosie and Craig sneaking out of No.6. She has a blazing row with Angela, asserting that Craig isn't good enough for Rosie. Kevin is appalled and drags her home.


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