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Eileen sheds a tear as an emotional Todd finally tells the truth. He can't keep away from Karl, but he loves Sarah too and doesn't want to hurt her. Rosie's excited to hear that she has an audition for the Northern Drama Academy next Friday. Tyrone's disheartened as it's now nearly two weeks since Monica went missing. Todd talks round in circles and decides the best thing to do is to marry Sarah and look after his family. He's shocked when Eileen disagrees. Craig tells Rosie how brilliant she was in Grease. She tells him that if she's as good as he says she is, then she has no choice but to dump him in order that she can follow her career. Eileen feels guilty for trying to turn Todd into the perfect man - unlike all those men she's known - and thinks he's not being true to himself. She screams that she hates Sarah for trapping him into marriage when he could have achieved so much. Eileen begs Todd to tell Sarah the truth - that he's gay and he can't marry her. Tyrone discovers a Great Dane puppy in a basket on his front step. As Maya looks on, she's obviously the benefactor. Todd breaks down when Sarah confronts him about what's wrong. He promises that he does want to marry her and things will go back to normal. Sarah warns him that she won't put up with any more of his moods.


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