Sheila, Elsie, Wally and Dennis clash for use of the bathroom at No.11. Even Dennis finds Wally uncouth. Elsie refuses to let Dennis laze around the house and tries to find him a job. Irma isn't enjoying working at the factory. Ruth asks Lucille to help her organise a dance at the Mission. Stan is shocked when Hilda drops her opposition to him working with Mary Bonnetti. Sheila realises Jerry wants to go out with her and sets up a date at Mario's Cafe. Lucille tells the girls about the dance. Jack Benjamin gives Irma a rough time. She's put on folding plastic after she puts her machine on the wrong setting and blows it up. Ruth recruits Albert to give a lecture on gardening at the Mission. Mary sacks Stan for not having a licence. Stan is touched to discover Hilda was jealous of them. Jed advises Dennis to avoid clubs and bookies as they'll sell him out to the heavies. Elsie then arrives with the news that she's got Dennis a job at Dave Smith's Betting Shop. Irma is told she has until the end of the week to improve. Lucille is pleased when she earns £3 for the day on piecework. Dennis refuses to leave the house. Jerry tells Sheila what went wrong with him and Myra and how her lies got to him. He tries to find out if Sheila has a man in her life but she plays her cards close to her chest. Dennis answers a phone call from a Carlisle heavy saying they know where he lives and will be down to see him any day.


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  • Jerry Booth tells Sheila Birtles that his daughter was stillborn, contradicting other episodes which state that she lived for a few weeks.
  • The caller at the end of the episode is uncredited.
  • TV Times synopsis: Hilda brings Stan to his knees and overcrowding hits Elsie
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,050,000 homes (3rd place).
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