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Todd messes Karl around when he tells him that he'll spend the afternoon with him, but then can't bring himself to lie to Sarah. Todd runs back to the Rovers to try to placate Karl, but is dismayed to find that he has already left. Maya admits to Dev that she kidnapped Monica and dumped her miles away. Sally conducts Rosie's photo session but is frustrated by Kevin's negative attitude. Rosie skips her dance class to go to Craig's house to do their homework. Angela orders a reluctant Tommy to have a word with Craig about being careful now he has a girlfriend. Candice gets rid of Fiz when Tim Marsden wants to stay in and have a drink. Fiz tells Candice off for not valuing herself when she goes to bed with Tim. Dev persuades Maya that they have to try and find Monica. They have a fruitless search and Maya takes the opportunity to seduce Dev in the car. Todd finally gets hold of Karl, but is horrified at his comment that he plans to go out on the town to find someone else. Sophie spots Rosie kissing Craig but keeps the news to herself for the time being. Sarah confronts Todd about his odd behaviour all day. Sarah's frightened when he warns her not to keep questioning him, as she may not like the answer she'll get.


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