Todd sees Sarah and Katy approaching as he's snogging Karl. He pushes Karl away, and the girls are none the wiser. Sally produces a brochure for the Northern Drama Academy - she's determined to fulfil all of Rosie's potential, although Kevin rejects the idea outright. Chesney tells a worried Tyrone that he saw Maya shouting at Monica. As Sarah dances happily, Karl confronts Todd about the kiss. Todd is scared and confused, but admits that it meant something to him. Todd fixes his gaze on Karl as Karl is the centre of attention. Unable to take any more, Todd leaves, dragging a disgruntled Sarah with him. Todd tells Sarah that he was uncomfortable in the gay bar, given his past history with Nick. She ends up apologising to him for forcing him to go, which only adds to his guilt and he breaks down in tears. Kevin is perturbed when Tommy asks him if he's had a word with Rosie about the birds and the bees (given her relationship with Craig). Sally's delighted when Kevin says he will have a look at the brochure after all. Karen is taken with Dev's suggestion to Steve that they sell Eileen's house to solve their money troubles. Tyrone crashes Dev and Maya's party and accuses Maya of killing Monica. Maya doesn't help matters when she makes a joke about dog meat in the party kebabs. Chesney can't sleep. Les comforts him that he sees him as the son he never had, and he won't be going into care. Todd calls Karl to apologise for leaving so abruptly when Sarah catches him on the phone. He hangs up immediately and claims he was talking to Jason.


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Sunita Parekh: "I always enjoy Dev's engagement parties. Only seems like yesterday since Geena was the blushing fiancée."

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