Cilla again threatens Chesney with being put into care if he tells Les about "uncle Ronnie". Todd is embarrassed when it's clear to Karl how much he's spent on an expensive shirt for his birthday present. Maya leaves work early to get ready for that night's engagement party. Chesney sees her angrily shooing Monica away from her car. Cilla softens when it's clear that Chesney is terrified of Ronnie and assures him they're staying put for now. Tyrone has lost Monica - she was last seen chasing a squirrel on the Red Rec. Candice has found out from Audrey about Jason's pass at Gail and clouts him with a tea tray. When Jason admits having sex with a customer, she furiously dumps him. Dev is puzzled to find Maya vacuuming her car. She explains that some of the party food spilled. Todd thinks he's out for the evening alone when Sarah is let down by Candice, who's too upset over Jason to babysit. As Martin is pleading illness to get out of going out to Manchester's gay village, Katy arranges for him to look after Bethany and she and Sarah get in a cab. Todd is beginning to enjoy himself in the gay club, although he's deeply uneasy at the stares he's attracting from the other clubbers. When Robbie Winch turns up looking for Karl, Todd can't contain his jealousy and leaves. Karl catches up with Todd outside. Todd's pent-up feelings break out and he grabs Karl for a passionate kiss - not knowing that Sarah and Katy are only yards away.


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