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It is Easter Sunday and Les is still hostile towards Cilla. She realises that he won't be a pushover to win round. Nick suggests a family portrait for Gail's birthday next week. When Sarah insists that Todd be in the photo, Nick argues that Maria should be there too. Ciaran's full of ideas to bring punters into the Rovers. Bev and Shelley aren't impressed, particularly as he's neglecting his work to muse over his ideas. Fiz says she won't go to the police, provided Cilla pays back the £237 bill straight away. As Fiz is prepared to forgive Cilla, Les relents and takes Cilla back. Jason frets when Gail threatens to go to the Gazette, and Charlie sacks him, but they're just teaching him a lesson. Jason worries that Gail will tell Candice about him. Chesney's horrified to overhear Cilla arranging to meet an old boyfriend, Ronnie Dudgeon. Chesney realises that Cilla has been seeing Ronnie behind Les's back and feels bad for Les. Shelley's offended when Ciaran suggests she dress more provocatively to pull in the punters. Before Fred has the chance to say anything, Ciaran resigns as manager, claiming that he's fed up of the others carping on at him all day. Fred produces a coin to toss in order to decide the new manager. The toss goes Bev's way, but she hands over the win to Shelley, who's reinstated as manager. Shelley's disappointed when she asks Charlie out, but he claims that he's busy. Chesney threatens to tell Les if Cilla sees Ronnie again. He's terrified when she threatens him with going into a care home if he utters a word.


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Audrey Roberts: "If you've got lads like Jason after yer, well you must be doing summat right."
Gail Platt: "Or something wrong. Giving off the wrong signals. Well I'll not answer the door in me dressing gown again!"

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