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Maria shows Fiz the receipt for the wine glasses, proving she used her own credit card. Fiz has no choice but to grovel. Bev and Shelley both now think the other should run the bar. Fred impulsively offers the manager's job to Ciaran, who immediately accepts. Kirk's suspicions are raised when Les compliments Cilla wearing a new dress. Fiz instinctively knows her mother is the culprit, but realises she needs to get proof. Ciaran winds Bev and Shelley up as the power goes to his head. Charlie is amazed when Ciaran asks him to leave the Rovers for wearing dirty work gear. Charlie returns later in a dinner suit, complete with bow tie. Charlie sends Jason on a job to fix Gail's leaky radiator. When Gail answers the door in a dressing gown and makes comments about how good-looking he is, Jason thinks his luck's in and makes a pass at a horrified Gail. Cilla's caught red-handed when Kirk checks Cilla's handbag and finds Fiz's credit card in her purse. Cilla tries to play down the whole thing, but Fiz threatens to go to the police. Les is disgusted at Cilla for stealing from her own daughter. She tries to plead her case, saying it was a moment of weakness, but Les finishes with her.


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Fred Elliott (about Bev and Shelley Unwin's fall-out): "Tense? I say tense? It were like the Cuban missile crisis. Two super powers bent on confrontation while the world held its breath."
Harry Flagg: "Which one were Kennedy and which one were Khrushchev?"

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