Fred is horrified to hear from Ciaran that he's been sacked for not sleeping with Bev. When Ciaran threatens a tribunal, Fred resolves to get him his job back. Maya tells DS Duncan that Dev was with her the previous night. The police want to look inside the holdall that Maya is walking out with but she informs them that the search warrant only covers the shop and not her personal belongings. Bev tells Fred that sacking Ciaran was a joke that backfired. On Fred's insistence, she grudgingly apologises to Ciaran and he's reinstated. Ciaran refuses to start work straight away, so Bev is left struggling on her own in the busy bar. Maya has taken the holdall to Dev's flat and threatens to finish with him unless he hands the watches over to the police. He refuses, as it involves his whole family, and he can't betray them. He asks her to trust him, and promises to get rid of the watches. Fiz is convinced that Candice stole her credit card. Candice finds Fiz searching her room for evidence and demands to know what's going on. Fiz uncovers a carrier bag from a shop where the credit card was used, but Candice informs her that Maria left the bag there when she moved out - the suspicion shifts to Maria. Deirdre smells alcohol on Tracy and is furious that Tracy's lied about working late. When Bev spots Shelley leaving for The Flying Horse with Charlie and Ciaran, she reaches breaking point. Exhausted, and convinced that everyone's laughing at her, she tells Fred that she's had enough and she's finished at the Rovers.


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Notable dialogue

Deirdre Rachid: "Tracy was lying through her teeth. I could smell the alcohol on her right across the room."
Ken Barlow: "Well I couldn't."
Deirdre Rachid: "Well you're a man, aren't you? I mean I could cover myself in French perfume and I might just as well be wearing a necklace of garlic, it's wasted on you!"

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