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Ken arrives at No.7 to babysit Amy. Blanche is put out that Tracy didn't ask her to do it. Maya is worried to hear that Naveen has disappeared leaving them with the watches. Things start to get on top of Bev at the Rovers, as she's snappy with Betty and Ciaran. Two policemen come to the corner shop in search of Dev. They question him about Naveen and he agrees to go with them to the police station. Fiz is puzzled to receive a credit card statement for £237. She applied for a card, but it never arrived. Betty asks Fred to have a word with Bev and Shelley as she's worried about the state of the pub. DS Duncan returns to the shop with a search warrant. Betty and Bev exchange words - Betty resigns and storms out, leaving Bev more short-handed than ever. Bev is grateful when Ciaran offers her his support. Tracy phones Ken to tell him that she's delayed by a rush funeral job, but she's really in a wine bar with Matthew Young, a handsome driver from work. She neglects to mention Amy. Ciaran is clearly not interested when Bev makes a pass at him. Bev won't let it drop, and he admits that he finds it awkward working with her after the last time. Humiliated, she sacks him.


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Notable dialogue

Bev Unwin: "Betty, you're just a part-time cook and barmaid so get down off your flamin' high horse."
Betty Williams: "Right, that's it! I am not a part-time anything, I'm a full-time 'packed in'".
Bev Unwin: "Fine! We'll get along a lot better without you undermining me all the time."
Betty Williams: "Oh, please!"
Ciaran McCarthy: "... and then there was two."

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