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Maya is curious about a phone call Dev has received. He tells her it was his cousin, Naveen, but she's still suspicious and later quizzes Sunita about Naveen. Penny calls at No.4 to see Ashley and Claire and admits the truth about Mike. She promises to tell Fred everything that night at dinner. Deirdre agrees to babysit Amy for a couple of hours. Ken's not pleased to get roped in too. Mike tries to persuade Penny that it's not a good idea to hurt Fred even more by telling him about their relationship. Robbie Winch turns up in Victoria Street and jumps to the conclusion that Martin is Karl's new boyfriend. Things turn nasty, until Sarah threatens to call the police. Todd feels uncomfortable about the whole encounter, knowing he's really Karl's other man. Tracy's got a temporary job providing relief cover at the florists on the precinct. She's glad that Ken and Deirdre enjoyed babysitting, as there'll be plenty of opportunities in the next few weeks! Todd asks Karl not to talk to Martin about the mystery man he fancies at work. Penny tells Fred she can't marry him. When he asks why, she says it's too soon after Preston, and denies there's anyone else involved. Fred is devastated when Penny tells him they can't be friends, as she thinks they both need some space. He leaves the restaurant immediately, the rejection complete.


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Deirdre Rachid: "Good morning mother, daughter, granddaughter..."
Sunita Parekh: "Four generations... that's nice!"
Deirdre Rachid: "Yeah, and all of us speaking to each other for once. Well, them that can, anyway."

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