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Claire doesn't turn up for work the next day. Todd's uneasy with Karl's close proximity in the flat. Claire's spent the night at the salon flat - she tells Fiz that she won't be walked over any more. Cilla is taken on by landlord Ted Armley as senior part-time barmaid at the Turk's Head. She buys a load of new clothes to celebrate. Ashley goes to see Claire at the salon flat. She accuses him of being scared of his feelings. He strongly denies it and they kiss - they finally go to bed. Katy goes with Karl to get his stuff from Robbie Winch's flat - she's ready for confrontation, but Robbie wasn't in. Bev and Charlie snipe at each other over the bar - despite herself, Bev is rattled. Fred goes off to an offal-traders dinner dance, insisting that an embarrassed Penny keeps Mike company in the Rovers. Todd's horrified to hear that Sarah has been having a long chat with Karl. His heart's in his mouth, but she asks if he minds if Karl stays a bit longer. He can't refuse. After overhearing Mike and Penny outside the Rovers making arrangements to meet later, Claire accuses Penny of laughing at Fred behind his back. Penny threatens Claire with losing her job if she continues to make accusations. Claire is coldly furious as she assures Penny that it won't be her that tells Fred the truth, it'll be Penny.


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Penny King: "So tell me, Fred... what do offal traders do to let their hair down?"
Fred Elliott: "You name it. This place where we're convening - it has a sauna, swimming pool..."
Penny King: "Is it kidney-shaped?"

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