Mike persuades Fred that he'd been at Penny's house dropping off tax records. Mike rings Penny to get their stories straight. When Fred starts to breach the subject of marriage, she claims another migraine and cuts their evening short. Karl confesses that he fancies Todd. Sarah's horrified to see Karl's injuries and invites him to stay for a few days. Katy's miffed when he turns down her invitation. Nick and Gail make up. Ciaran's relieved to see that Shelley hasn't let on to Sunita about he and Bev. Charlie braves the Rovers - as expected Bev and Ciaran give him a hard time for blabbing about them. Bev turns Cilla down when she asks if she has any vacancies for bar staff. Charlie wants to know where he stands with Shelley. She asks him to be patient as things are difficult at the moment, but promises it won't be forever. Karl promises to behave himself with Todd whilst he's staying at the flat. Penny calls in to see Mike. She tells him that she's going to tell Fred the truth. Ashley is annoyed with Claire for talking to Fred, despite them earlier agreeing to keep quiet. They have a huge argument about Claire's position in the family. She's convinced that she'll always be an outsider and storms out. Ashley's distraught.


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