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Ashley decides to keep quiet about Penny and Mike until he's sure something's going on. Bev tries to make peace with Shelley, but she's left frustrated. Katy nags Martin for a night out. Penny invites Fred for a meal, with the intention of telling him that she can't marry him. Maya tries to make her mark at the corner shop, much to Dev's disgruntlement. Ashley quizzes Mike about Penny, but Mike gives nothing away. Sarah moans to Gail about the amount of time she's spending on her own. Gail offers to babysit Bethany so that Sarah can do something for herself. David and Martin both try to persuade Nick to make up with Gail. Karl's been beaten up by his boyfriend Robbie Winch. He arranges to meet up with Todd in the Rovers later, as he needs to talk. Fred is buoyed up for his date with Penny. Claire can't restrain herself and tells him that Ashley saw Penny kissing Mike. Bev struggles with the bar when Betty goes home sick. Shelley refuses to help out. Fred finds Mike in the Rovers. He asks him outright if he and Penny are having an affair.


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