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Bev defends her decision to take the manager's job to Shelley. Shelley isn't buying it and accuses Bev of stitching her up. Shelley goes on strike. Maya turns up for her first day of work at the corner shop. She wonders how Sunita copes with the boredom, and they crack open champagne and chocolates to make the day go quicker. Charlie invites Shelley out for a drink as she's not working. With a look to her mother, she accepts. Bev convinces Fred to give Shelley another chance. Before he has an opportunity to tell her, Shelley launches an attack on him and resigns. Maria has a plan to make sure Ashley can't resist Claire and gives Claire a makeover. Ashley isn't impressed with Claire as the temptress and tells her that it doesn't suit her. She's humiliated and leaves in tears. Todd is out for a drink with Karl, when Karl's boyfriend, Robbie Winch turns up. There's competition in the air until Karl gets rid of Robbie. A tipsy Todd says goodnight to Karl and it looks as if they'll kiss, until Todd backs off at the last moment. Shelley turns down Charlie's advances, as she doesn't want to do the dirty on Bev. Pointing out that Bev is far from vulnerable, Charlie tells her about Bev's night with Ciaran. Shelley is furious - both with her mother, but also with Charlie for trying to manipulate her.


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