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Shelley takes the day off in protest - determined to show Fred who's really in charge. Claire is hung-over and contrite at spoiling the passionate night with Ashley. Ashley assures her that their time will come, although he's shocked at the minibar bill. Fred rants at Bev that he feels let down and betrayed by Mike and Penny. Les is thrilled that Cilla is back home, although she's evasive about her time away. Mike assures Fred that Penny is strictly a friend, and there's nothing going on. Cilla goes on the warpath when Fiz tells her that Les is back with Janice. She warns Janice off her man and they have a hair-pulling catfight until Cilla is finally convinced that Janice doesn't want him. Todd shows Eileen the scan photo. She comments that although it's great to see her future grandchild, she still can't help thinking that Todd isn't fulfilling his potential. For once, he doesn't contradict her. Penny apologises to Fred for missing him and invites him to dinner later in the week. Todd turns down Sarah's plans for a night in tomorrow, and tells her that he's going out for a drink instead. Betty is miffed that she had to come in to work to cover for Shelley. She tells Fred that Shelley hasn't been sick, she took the day off to teach him a lesson. Fred asks Bev to take over as manager. If she agrees, then Shelley can carry on living and working at the Rovers. Shelley is gobsmacked to hear that she's been sacked and the job offered to her mother.


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