Shelley shoves Charlie out of the back door, just as Bev comes downstairs. Claire and Ashley are getting passionate in Chester when a phone call from Fred interrupts them. Fred frets that he's left six messages for Penny, but heard nothing. Charlie, Ciaran and Jack give Jason a ribbing about his afternoon delight. Candice worries that Charlie is working Jason too hard as he seems tired. Todd gets the hospital porter's job. He makes it clear to Karl that this isn't the limit of his ambitions. Shelley tells Sunita that she kissed Charlie but is going to give him a wide berth out of loyalty to Bev. Charlie asks Ciaran what his chances are with Shelley - Ciaran points out that Bev is the problem. Charlie is stunned to hear about Ciaran's liaison with Bev, but is sworn to secrecy. Steve makes his first payment to Tracy. He reiterates that Karen must never know. Claire and Ashley hit the mini-bar. Claire drinks too much and falls asleep. Shelley deflects Charlie's invitation for a private drink by organising a lock-in. Fred returns to the pub to see Mike leaving with Penny, but also a panda car outside the Rovers. The police miss the illegal goings-on, but Fred is seething with Shelley for risking his licence and he throws everyone out. Shelley is equally furious and tells Fred to find someone else to do the job if he thinks they can do better.


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