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Steve admits to lying to Karen, but only because he didn't want anything to stop their wedding. She's distraught that she can't trust him again. Ken coldly informs Sally that a correction of the misprint will be in tonight's Gazette. Steve gives Liz a lift to the christening. She begs him to come in with her but he refuses and drives off. Hayley has made a beautiful christening gown for Amy, whilst Roy reads Born Yesterday, a poem by Philip Larkin. Eileen tells Karen that Steve gave Liz a lift. Convinced Steve has gone to the christening, Karen sets off for St. Christopher's Church. Charlie and Shelley flirt. Fred warns Shelley to pull her socks up, as takings are down and her bookkeeping is sloppy. Todd's interview for the hospital porter's job goes well. He celebrates with Karl. Sally is crestfallen when Rosie decides to take Craig to the last night party instead of her. The correction appears in the paper as "Rozi Wobster", setting Sally off again. Karen interrupts the christening, looking for Steve. Realising he's not there, but still murderous, Karen grabs Tracy by the hair and neck as she tells everyone about Tracy cancelling her wedding. Mayhem ensues, until Steve arrives to take Karen home. Delivering a last warning to leave her and Steve alone, Karen lands Tracy a right hook and knocks her to the ground.


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Reverend Ashbourne: "May I remind everyone that we are in God's house?"
Karen McDonald: "Well then you'd better sort our your door policy, 'cos she is well from the dark side, I'm tellin' yer!"


Karen McDonald (punching Tracy Barlow): "Cancel my wedding! Try any more stunts like that and I will be booking your funeral. D'you geddit? Now that is enough."

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