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Liz thinks that Steve is asking for trouble by not telling Karen that he's paying maintenance for Amy. Sally enthusiastically praises Rosie's performance last night, although Rosie thinks the show was rubbish. Todd objects to Gail coming with them to the scan. Gail is hurt to be uninvited, but is delighted when she's given a scan photo of the baby boy as a peace offering. Ken asks Tracy to consider Roy and Hayley as godparents to Amy to make amends for the way she's treated them. She thinks it's a terrible idea and refuses. Sally is extremely unhappy with Ken's review of Grease in the Gazette. Rosie is barely mentioned and her name is misspelt as "Dozi Webster". Tracy tells the Croppers that she accepts Roy's proposition. When Hayley gives her short shrift, Tracy apologises for her past behaviour and asks them to be godparents. The Croppers delightedly accept. Sally goes to see Deirdre at the Rovers and demands to know where Ken is. Tracy asks Liz to be the other godparent. Karen becomes paranoid that Steve and Liz are hiding something from her - she worries that Steve plans to attend Amy's christening, although Steve denies it. Ken defends his review to Sally, but she's furious and throws personal insults at him. Nick gets a new job at Fletchers, with one of Mike's rivals, Keith Robinson. Ciaran lets slip that Tracy cancelled Karen's wedding. Karen is furious and sets off to kill Steve for lying to her, and vows to teach Tracy a lesson that she'll never forget.


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Sally Webster (to Ken Barlow): "Anybody would think you're important the way you go on, not a washed-up school teacher writing for a local rag. And where have your principles got you Ken? Have they helped you make something of your life? Have they helped your kids make a success of their lives? How do you measure success? By how many wives your kids have got, how many illegitimate children? I only have one principle Ken, and that is to do the best for my kids!"

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