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Karen bars Liz from the flat that evening, as she wants a night alone with Steve. David is unhappy as Gail lavishes attention on him. He asks Sarah to have a word with Nick to make things up with their mother, but Nick turns Sarah down flat. Tracy has bought herself a new outfit for the christening but nothing for Amy. She tells Blanche that she has a plan to get some money. Roy proposes to drop some, or possibly all of Tracy's monthly debt in exchange for occasional access to Amy. Tracy is preoccupied, but promises to think about it. The factory girls are disappointed to be given only half a day's work at King's Robes. Tracy insists on talking to Steve in his flat. She demands £50 a week in maintenance for Amy, or she'll go through the courts to get it. Rosie is sick in school and is sent home. Sally panics about that evening's performance of Grease. Blanche has a go at Karen about responsibilities. Karen tells her that Steve isn't interested in Tracy or the baby. Tracy tells Steve she needs an immediate decision on the payments or the deal's off. Tracy goes to the kitchen to wash her shirt when Amy is sick. Karen arrives back at the flat in time to see Steve holding the baby, as Tracy walks in from the kitchen with no top on. Karen demands to know what's going on.


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Blanche Hunt: "There are times when folk should jump down off the fence and take sides."
Norris Cole: "And get on the wrong side of Karen McDonald? That's not taking sides, Blanche, that's pure kamikaze."

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