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Gail blames Maria for losing Nick his job and tells him to stay away from her. Fiz tells Les that she saw his feelings for Janice when she was pulled from the fire. Mike refuses to give Nick his job back. Roy and Hayley are concerned to hear from Ken that Tracy is getting Amy christened. Although Steve admits he wants nothing to do with the baby, he tells the Croppers that he thinks Tracy should be left alone to bring the baby up herself. Liz gets upset thinking of her baby, Katherine, who died. She's touched when Tracy offers to give Amy a middle name, Katherine. Mike informs the girls he's in the same boat as they are - broke. Claire and Ashley try to consummate their relationship but get interrupted by Joshua. Dean Pomfrey tells the distraught Croppers to drop their case as they have no claim on Amy whatsoever. She's no more than their neighbour's offspring. A nurse books Janice a taxi to take her home - the driver turns out to be Les. Nick and Maria rent out the cab office flat for £400 a month plus £400 deposit. Steve refuses Liz's request to go to Amy's christening. Karen is suspicious at their whispered conversation. Penny makes Mike an offer to let the Underworld girls complete his orders on the spare machines at her factory until he's back in business. He's had enough of the factory and isn't interested. Gail is furious at the news that Nick is moving out. She accuses him of being selfish and ungrateful and throws him out onto the street.


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