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Ashley is concerned that Fred is falling too fast for Penny. Maria tells Nick to take a hard line with Mike, but Gail thinks that he should apologise instead. Ashley leaves a love note for Claire in magnetic fridge letters - she's delighted. Gail has a quiet word with Mike about Nick, hoping he won't hold things against him. Nick is delighted when Mike offers him a pay rise, and more responsibility. Kevin is furious with Sally for putting pressure on Ken to give Rosie a good review. Fred excitedly tells Audrey how much he likes Penny. She gives Fred her blessing. Gail tempts Nick into buying the sports car, aware that he won't be able to afford a deposit on a flat if he goes ahead. Kevin tells Sally that he thinks she's living her dreams through Rosie because she's unhappy with how her life turned out. He takes refuge in the Rovers. Maria is furious when Nick surprises her with the sports car. It dawns on her that Nick is more than happy to stay at his mother's house for the foreseeable future. Penny is stunned when Fred proposes. Not wanting to hurt him, she tells him that she'll think about it.


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Sally Webster: I thought you were somebody who was interested in the theatre."
Norris Cole: "I am, which is why I never attend anything which has merely achieved amateur status. If you'd been asking me to put my hand in my pocket for a performance by the Royal Shakespeare Company or some other purveyor of excellence I might have been interested. But as it is I have no inclination to sit through two hours of caterwauling teenagers aping equally unappealing Americans!"

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