Fred is gobsmacked to learn that Claire is about to leave for Florida. Todd gets on brilliantly with Karl during a night out with workmates. Maria's special meal goes well until she learns that Nick had bribed David £5 to tell her it was delicious. Gail smugly steps in when Maria forgets to provide pudding. Ashley runs off to the shop, unable to be in the house with the seconds ticking by before Claire's departure. Bev apologises profusely to Charlie. He agrees to forget the whole thing. Penny is furious when Mike warns her off Fred, as he's vulnerable in relationships. Claire admits to Fred that she has feelings for Ashley and she would stay if Ashley asked her to. Ashley won't consider asking Claire to stay. He says that he can't love her, as he still loves his wife. Fred begs him not to lose Claire forever. Shelley apologises to Charlie on her mother's behalf. With Ashley still at the shop, Claire has no choice but to go with Imogen Stamford. In the nick of time, Ashley realises what he's about to lose. He chases after Imogen's car but he loses sight of it. Ashley is amazed to see Claire in the butchers - she couldn't leave without saying goodbye. He asks her to stay for him, as he loves her. She tells him that she loves him too and they kiss, watched by a delighted Fred.


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