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Fred is incredulous that Ashley is allowing Claire to leave, but Ashley interviews another nanny, Wendy Rolands and offers her the job, starting tomorrow. Deirdre is furious with Bev and tells Charlie exactly what she's been saying. He feels that he's had a lucky escape. Todd has an interview at the hospital for the porter's job. Mike agrees to help Penny interview for a new manager for her place. Fred confides in Audrey that he's fallen for Penny. She warns him to move slowly. Maria plans to cook supper for everyone. After a tense stand-off with Gail, she wins out on cooking for the Platts, but now has to make an extra-special meal. Ashley denies to Audrey that he has any feelings for Claire. Audrey advises him that, although he'll never forget Maxine, he has to move on with his life. Mike is taken aback to hear that Penny and Fred went to Yorkshire together. Deirdre confronts Bev and angrily tells her that they can never be friends again. Claire is about to leave to finish her packing at her mother's house after putting Joshua down for a nap, when Ashley asks her to come back later to say goodbye to Fred. She agrees, relieved to put the moment of parting off for a while longer.


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