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Bev wakes up with a hangover and a guilty conscience for what she'd said to Ken. Ken is frosty with Deirdre. Bev apologises to Ken, but he's still furious with her. She warns him that Charlie could seduce any woman, and Deirdre's not exactly the faithful sort. Imogen Stamford asks Ashley to persuade Claire to work for her. He's amazed at the package Claire has turned down and decides not to stand in her way. Todd and Karl get stuck in a lift together. Todd confides in Karl about kissing Nick. Karl reassures him that kissing a man doesn't make him gay. They become friends. Shelley comforts Sunita over Dev's engagement. Ken asks Deirdre if she's having an affair with Charlie. She protests that she's just helped with a contract and wonders why he doesn't trust her. He apologises. Ashley tells Claire that she should take the job of a lifetime. She reluctantly agrees. Jason tells Bev that Charlie has a date. Bev quizzes Charlie and he insults her. Bev takes solace in a large vodka and determines to fight for her man. Bev staggers to No.1. She begins to tell Ken that Deirdre is probably with Charlie, but is mortified to see Deirdre standing beside him. A disgusted Deirdre slams the door in Bev's face.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Bev's jealous rage ends in her own humiliation; Claire is offered the job of her dreams but it means leaving Ashley; and Todd finds himself confiding in Karl.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 13,740,000 viewers (5th place).

Notable dialogue[]

Charlie Stubbs (to Bev Unwin): "Why don't you get yourself dressed up and go into town and make some businessman's night?"


Deirdre Rachid: "Go home, Bev, before you get picked up by the police for being drunk and disorderly - not to mention deranged!"

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