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The next morning, Maya tries to apologise to Dev but he's adamant that their relationship is over. Jason takes the mickey out of Bev's age, unaware that she's listening. Trying to be kind, Charlie tells her that her age wasn't the problem, but he's seeing someone else. Sally asks an unenthusiastic Kevin to sell Rosie's Grease tickets to his customers. Maria and Gail battle over ironing Nick's shirts. Todd tells Sarah that he's going for a permanent porter's job at the hospital. Jason is horrified when Harry and Eileen pretend to be in the throes of a passionate affair. Vera puts the thought in Bev's mind that Deirdre is a man-eater. Bev jumps to the conclusion that Deirdre is the woman that Charlie is after. Dev and Mike discuss Maya - Mike advises Dev that any woman worth having has to have a bit of danger about her. Nick tells Maria that he's applying for a better-paid job. Gail tries to dissuade him. Deirdre takes offence when Bev insinuates she's up to no good with Charlie. Dev is about to finish with Maya for good. She talks him round and he admits that he loves her and needs adventure in his life. She tearfully accepts his marriage proposal.


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Notable dialogue[]

Cilla Brown: "'Ey, I love Grease, me! Go on, we'll have a couple of tickets."
Les Battersby: "'Ey, 'ey, I'm not goin'!"
Cilla Brown: "For me and Chesney."
Sally Webster: "After what you did to Rita? You can get stuffed! I'd rather it were empty than have a pie-faced slapper like you in!"


Jason Grimshaw: "Are you two... erm, well ya know?"
Harry Flagg: "If you mean have we started a relationship, then er... yes, I'm happy to say we have."
Candice Stowe: "Aw, that's great, innit, Jase?"
Jason Grimshaw: "Yeah, great."
Eileen Grimshaw: "Although it's not strictly a relationship. It's more a raw, animal-passion thing!"
Harry Flagg: "Grrrr!"
Eileen Grimshaw: "Look, I know you don't like to think of your old mum having sex..."
Jason Grimshaw: "No, I don't."
Eileen Grimshaw: "...but I have my needs..."
Jason Grimshaw: "Oh, please!"
Eileen Grimshaw: "...and I'm happy to say that Harry is man enough to quench them!"
Harry Flagg: "Gladly!"


Vera Duckworth: "D'you know, she could fill a Sunday paper on her own."
Bev Unwin: "Who, Deirdre?"
Vera Duckworth: "Oh yes! There's a lot goes on behind them glasses you don't know about."

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