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Roy and Hayley must wait two weeks before seeing their solicitor, as he's on holiday in the Canary Islands. Maya is still furious with Dev about Geena. He tells her everything (except for his fling with Deirdre) and she forgives him. Gail continues to spoil Nick and to make negative remarks about mortgages. Tracy goes to the bank to withdraw the remaining £17,000 of the Croppers' money. Liz warns Tracy that she'll be watching her every move from now on. Bev corners Charlie into agreeing to a date that evening. Candice and Jason pair off Harry and Eileen for another date. Dev takes Maya to a posh country restaurant for lunch, but he's not forthcoming with a proposal. She lures him outside to the car and insists they run off without paying. Tracy is disheartened to learn that to get a new birth certificate for the baby she'll have to write to the Registrar General and get Steve to agree to a DNA test. She'll also have to change Patience's name to Amy by deed poll. Deirdre tries to make amends with Liz, but Liz insists they keep their distance. Maya drives the car off at high speed. She accelerates faster and proposes to Dev. He's terrified when she tells him that she'll keep putting her foot down until he accepts.


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