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Imogen Stamford whisks Claire away to look after her daughter for a few hours. Tracy storms to the cafe flat, followed by Blanche, Deirdre and a reluctant Ken. Andy leaves for Spain, but Liz decides to stay on to support Steve and Karen. Maya is mysterious about a lunch date. Dev accompanies her and is shocked to find his father Ranjiv Alahan, at the wine bar. Maya is a big hit and completely charms Ranjiv. Tracy is like a wildcat and attacks Roy in her attempt to get Patience. Hayley stuns the Barlows when she reveals that Tracy isn't a fit mother as she sold the baby for £25,000. Hayley screams at them to get out. Deirdre is disgusted with Tracy, but Blanche sticks up for her pointing out that whatever Tracy did in the past, she now just wants to be a proper mother. Penny accepts Fred's invitation to Sunday lunch. Ken gently points out to Roy that the only relevant issue is that Tracy, the rightful mother, wants her baby back. Roy goes alone to give Patience to Tracy. As Tracy weeps with joy, Roy returns to Hayley and they cling to each other, grief-stricken.


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Roy Cropper: "We can't hold off the world forever. Tracy's bound to come knocking. In the olden days, during a siege, they'd pour boiling oil down on the attackers... I could heat up the chip fat."

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