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Steve begs Karen to marry him, telling her that he hadn't told her about Tracy because he didn't want to hurt her. Liz asks Ken to leave, taking the rest of his family with him. Deirdre agrees to help Tracy get her baby back. Ken is sceptical of Tracy's motives, but she convinces him that she genuinely wants her baby and he agrees to back her. Roy and Hayley determine to fight to keep Patience. Steve and Karen marry with Liz, Eva and Andy as the only witnesses. Janice turns down wedding photographer Arthur Whiston's offer to turn her into a glamour model. Maya takes Dev's comment that she's the sort of girl one marries, very seriously. Karen and Steve make their entrance as a married couple. Steve makes a heartfelt speech declaring how much he loves Karen. Karen makes a speech of her own. All the posh trappings she'd wanted mean nothing and all that matters is she and Steve making their vows to each other. Ken asks Tracy to give Roy and Hayley time to sleep on things. She can't contain herself and bangs on the cafe door, demanding her baby back. Roy and Hayley cower in their flat, clutching Patience to them.


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