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Chaos breaks out as Tracy angrily asserts to Roy and Hayley that she would never have slept with Roy. Steve can't deny to Karen that everything's true, and she locks herself into the vestry. The factory girls prevent Tracy from following Roy and Hayley as they make their escape with the baby in Patrick's taxi. Karen smacks Steve in the face with her bouquet, devastated that her dream wedding has turned into a nightmare. Liz and Deirdre have a bust-up over Tracy's behaviour. Steve tries to explain to Karen that he'd only slept with Tracy thinking that he'd lost Karen and that it was a one-off. Tracy apologises to Karen for spoiling her day, but she came to get her baby. As Karen demands the truth, Tracy spins a story that Steve tried to make her have an abortion, made her pretend the baby was Roy's and made her take the money from Roy to give her baby away. Karen realises that nothing adds up. The Croppers are heartbroken as they realise that Tracy must have been telling the truth. Steve tells Karen how much he truly loves her, and asks her to marry him again.


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