Tracy gets Patrick to drive her to Walcot Manor. Mike explains to Penny that he lied to her about going on holiday because he's not sure that he's ready to commit to anyone. To get her own back, she invites Fred out for a drink. Steve spots Tracy at the wedding. She's escorted from the premises by Steve, Dev and Andy. Tracy hides herself away in the wedding chapel, just as the bridal party arrive. Karen's looking beautiful, as her perfect wedding is about to take place. Tracy asks Kirk to tell Roy that she needs a word with him, but Roy ignores Kirk completely. The wedding vows begin, as Tracy calls for Roy to come outside for a word. Unable to ignore Tracy, Steve asks the vicar to stop and goes to get rid of Tracy. Steve tries to manhandle Tracy out of the chapel, as she shouts to Roy that she wants her baby. When Hayley tells Tracy that the baby is staying with her father, Tracy cracks and shouts out that the real father is Steve. As Karen looks to Steve in horror, he's unable to speak.


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