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It's the morning of the wedding, and Steve is suffering from last-minute nerves. Blanche confirms that she wants Tracy out of the house by dinner time. Liz calls round to see how Karen is. Karen is livid to hear that Liz has invited Ken and Deirdre. Eva Briggs has to intervene to ensure a fragile peace. Hayley couldn't get out of being Karen's bridesmaid, so all three Croppers are going to the wedding. Dev is touched when Maya gives him a scrapbook filled with mementos of their holiday. He's more smitten than ever and tells Steve that he thinks she's "the one". Karen is upset - nervous that her dream wedding will go wrong. Blanche gets Tracy to admit that she's desperately missing her baby and wants her back. Nick tells Maria that he'll spend the morning looking for mortgage deals. Maria is furious when instead, Gail takes him shopping and they go out for lunch. The bridal party leaves the street for Walcot Manor. Blanche encourages Tracy to fight for her baby, or she'll regret it forever. Blanche is thrilled when Tracy tells her that she's going to the wedding to get her baby back.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Karen prepares for the wedding day; Tracy makes a decision; Dev is surprised by Maya's sudden domesticity; and Maria feels bruised at playing second-best to Gail.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 13,890,000 viewers (5th place).
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