In contrast to Roy and Hayley's bliss with the new baby, Tracy gets a hard time from Blanche. The Croppers decide to name the baby, Patience. Roy registers the birth. Nick persuades Maria to move into Gail's house. Tracy redirects the visiting midwife to the Croppers' flat. Dev and Maya return from holiday. Dev invites Steve to his place for his stag do. Liz and Andy McDonald arrive for next day's wedding. Karen and Liz agree an uneasy truce. Ken and Deirdre visit the Croppers. Hayley assures them that they'll always have a big part to play in the baby's life. Karen is determined to have a tame and sober hen night. Janice has other plans, and spikes Karen's drinks. Liz asks Steve if Ken and Deirdre can come to the wedding. Steve tells her that he'll square it with Karen. Steve goes to see Tracy, happy that as far as he's concerned, everything's worked out. He gives her a maternity bonus of £50 and offers her job back at Street Cars. Andy is gobsmacked when Steve tells him everything about Tracy and the baby. Blanche informs Tracy that she can't accept what she's done with her baby, and tells her to pack her bags.


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Steve McDonald: "You don't know the half of it, mate. I came this close to turning the wedding of the year into the nightmare of the century."
Andy McDonald: "Ah, now you see, that sounds a lot more like my brother."
Steve McDonald: "Trust me, you don't wanna know."
Andy McDonald: "Ooh... I do, mate. Come on."
Steve McDonald: "You won't be able to handle it."
Andy McDonald: "Well you don't know what I can handle, do you, these days?"
Steve McDonald: "I got Tracy Barlow pregnant who stalked me, and then cancelled my wedding behind my back. I've got a baby daughter no one knows about that's being looked after by the Croppers. Roy thinks he's the father and so does his transsexual partner Hayley. I thought you said you could handle it?"

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