Karen asks Steve to drop the wedding seating plan off at Doveridge Hall. Janice tells the factory girls about Harry's dead daughter. Norris makes Rita an offer for The Kabin. He's gutted when she tells him that it's in the hands of the estate agents and she can't give him first refusal. Fred returns from Umbria and is disappointed to hear that Claire is temporarily working for someone else. Harry berates Janice for blabbing his personal business. He's genuinely hurt, and she's left shame-faced. Chesney reveals Cilla's real game to Fiz. The girls put on a fashion show with their bridesmaids' dresses for Karen. She's moved to tears at having such a great bunch of mates. Steve is incredulous when Yvonne McClure, the Functions Manager at Doveridge Hall, tells him that she received a phone call from his wife-to-be cancelling the wedding, followed by a letter of confirmation. They've already got another booking for that day, so the wedding is definitely cancelled.


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