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Norris puts up a sign "Closed due to Miscarriage of Justice" on The Kabin door. Janice distances herself from Les and offers her support to Rita. Fiz is frustrated at getting tarred with the same brush as Cilla. Ashley admits to Nick that he misses Claire. Jason is horrified when Eileen pretends that she stayed out all night with Harry. Rita is released after apologising to the magistrates. Harry hasn't turned up for work, so a concerned Janice goes to his house to see him. Harry confides in her that today would have been the twenty-first birthday of his daughter Catherine, but she died from leukaemia. They bond as Janice tells him about losing Dennis. Gordon Clegg turns up with a bunch of flowers for Betty's birthday. She moves back home telling Gordon that she knows the real reason he came to help her was to make sure for Caroline's sake that she wouldn't be moving down to Wimbledon. Cilla announces to the Rovers that she's going to sue Rita in the civil courts. Janice tells Eileen about Harry's daughter. Steve makes plans all day and surprises Karen with her three new bridesmaids - Janice, Hayley and Fiz. She isn't pleased at the choice but Steve talks her round when he points out how well she will compare to them on the day. Rita shocks Norris and Emily with the news that she's selling The Kabin.


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Notable dialogue[]

Norris Cole: "'A cell door slamming is a cell door slamming. I for one know how Nelson Mandela felt."


Gordon Clegg (to Cilla Brown): "'Call her an old bat again and you'll be wearing that pint, not drinking it."


Rita Sullivan: "'I've come to realise something: the world has changed. I'm a dinosaur, a relic of an age of decency and standards that don't exist in society any more."

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